About the Fashion Artist

Early Background

From her early childhood years, Mimi  always had an eye for fashion. As an Algerian born and raised in Dubai, U.A.E, Mimi’s international background gave her a unique view of the world. While other kids enjoyed toys and playgrounds, Mimi was always glued to her sketchbook doodling for hours. She loved to dress up, and often times snuck into her mom’s closet to play with her dresses, shawls and large shoulder pad blazers. At the age of 10, Mimi got her first sewing machine and ambitiously began creating various pieces of clothing. Growing up in a cultural melting pot inspired Mimi to blend a diversity of colors, shapes, and textures in her work.


Later, Mimi moved to the United States with her family and encountered American pop culture, new genres of music and fashion icons. Mimi’s designs became heavily influenced by Avant-garde artists Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and more notably Andy Warhol. Not long after submerging in art history and stylistic methodologies, she began sketching over-sized chic coats and out-of-the-ordinary dresses. She became fascinated with color contrasts, intricate and repetitive patterns, and mosaic fabrics. 


Today, Mimi’s work combines a clash of colors, various cultural identities, and visual artistry. Additionally, Mimi’s designs are not confined in a certain style category, giving her clients the flexibility of choosing styles that range from urban chic, to practical, to vintage. But what adds more meaning to Mimi’s couture clothing is the customization aspect. By taking the time to learn about her clients, she ensures that they end up wearing something that they’re proud to wear and that represents who they are. To her, every article of clothing that she makes is a unique piece of art. Calling it “wearable art”, Mimi aims to make art a part of people’s lives beyond the walls of galleries and museums